SalonBiz - How to enable services and providers

We will show you how to enable services and providers within your SalonBiz Central software so they are available to book with REACH

For the entire overview for online booking (beyond what is required for Reach) as well as gift cards, please visit


To ensure Reach can read your online booking settings, from SalonBiz Central™ go to Admin, then Online Booking, then Settings.

  • From the Online Booking Settings Screen, under Location click your business name and make sure your location is enabled for 3rd Part Online booking:
  • Next click on Services and then Edit.
  • In the Book Online - 3rd Party column, place a checkmark next to each service you wish to allow booking for via REACH.
  • Last, click on Staff, then select the location you want to edit under Online Booking Locations - 3rd Party:
  • Click the Power Button on each staff’s picture to allow or disallow bookings online
  • Be sure to click the Save Changes button when you are finished!