- How to edit category cards within the Service Settings Icon

When you click on the blue edit button on each service card, you can personalize settings for your business

Please note that your Service Settings are built with in an Optimized setting initially. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is designed to generate the maximum amount of revenue for your business.

While you do have the ability to customize service cards we recommend allowing the AI to run as designed under Optimized – at least for the first 30 days or so – before making any changes.

To "Personalize" your service cards make sure the Personalized button is selected once in a card (Red Arrow).

Once Personalized, you can remove a provider from a category by clicking the X next to their name (Purple Arrow)

If you switch to the Included Services tab, you can remove services from being available within the REACH platform, by clicking the X next to the service name in the same manner as providers.

To ADD a service or provider, they must first be enabled within your POS for online (or 3rd party) booking. (Refer to your POS for instructions on doing this). Once added properly, they will be available to add within the platform after 24 hours. To add click on the + sign and select them from the dropdown

To edit Incentives click on the "Incentives" tab, after clicking the Personalize button.

Editing Incentive

To edit the default settings, switch to Personalized. You can move the numbers up or down by clicking on the arrows next to the number. Remember:

The incentive will spread the maximum percentage amount evenly through the number of days you indicate.

So for the below example (20% over 4 days):
1. We divide 20 by 4 which gives us 5%
2. There would be a 5% decrease over the 4 day period.
Day 1 (same day) = 20%
Day 2: 20% - 5% = 15%
Day 3: 15% - 5% = 10%
Day 4: 10% - 5% = 5%

Editing Time Exclusions

Time exclusions are designed to allow you to decide what days and times you do not want to offer an incentive on your services. If you are closed on Sundays, you do not need to exclude that day as already knows your business hours and will adjust accordingly.

We recommend that you use this feature sparingly, as removing times or days from your allowed incentives will decrease the amount of available last-minute appointments that can be booked and will potentially decrease your long-term success and revenue.

To add a day and time to be excluded, select the day of the week, start hour and end hour. If you want to add more exclusions, click the “+” to add additional days and times.

Don’t forget to click Save Changes to commit your changes!