This page summarizes each of the message types that REACH sends on your behalf to engage your clients.

Last Minute Appointment (LMA)

We send our most specific messages based on a combination of provider preference, provider availability, customer time slot preference, and service. This is generally referred to as Last Minute Appointment, or LMA.

In cases where there is provider and service availability on your calendar, we send messages to clients who prefer that provider and traditionally book that service in similar time slots.  Additionally, in cases where your clients do not have a provider preference (indicated by 3+ previous appointments that are not always with the same provider) we may send them messaging as well.

These messages produce the highest conversion rates, and are focused on ensuring that your clients maintain their usual patterns and your appointment book is filled. You can lean on us to engage your clients when there is a match, rather than calling your clients one-by-one when they fall out of their normal patterns, or there is last minute availability on your calendar.


Up to weekly (depending on open and clickthrough rate), we will send out an email to your clients engaging them on your behalf if they do not have any appointments booked in the future.  The intelligence behind this is largely based on whether or not your clients have interacted with Reach messages before.  If they have, we continue the regular send, and if they do not it drops down to be less regular.  The objective of nurture is to drive those clients who are not in a regular pattern to start engaging with you on a more regular basis.


When a client has previously established a pattern with your business, but has fallen out of their pattern for 3 or more months, we leverage our winback messaging.  This utilizes a combination of your client's previous known pattern with time-based rules to trigger message sends 1-2 times a month.  If a client sent this messaging books we count this as a winback booking, and in the future will present this unique case in the REACH dashboard.


If a client has recently been in for an appointment and failed to book their next one within 24 hours, we send a message encouraging them to book their next appointment.

Many businesses would like repeat customers to book their next appointment before they even leave. In some cases this may not be possible, for example if the client forgot their calendar at home. We intelligently engage these clients on your behalf so you do not have to call them and to avoid them trying to book with you again at the last minute.

Provider Leaves

If you have multiple providers in your business, and one leaves, we reach out to your clients on your behalf encouraging them to return to an alternative provider who offers a similar set of services.  The objective is to avoid only pursuing these clients when they appear to have fallen out of their pattern - maybe they have already booked with their previous provider, wherever they are, and that is not recognized until weeks or months later when the clients have not been in for some time. We want to engage these clients as quickly as possible and get them booked to come back to your business.

Overall Rules

We do not send any messaging to clients who currently have an appointment booked in the future.