SalonBiz - Checkout a REACH Appointment

How do I checkout a REACH Appointment in SalonBiz?

Full PDF with visuals here: Checkout Process for Reach in Salonbiz Enterprise

Appointment color
Reach appointments will always appear in blue on the appointment book, and they will also always have a note.

Appointment Note
When there is an appointment note present, the Appt Note button will be colored red.

Appointment Note Popup
When a Reach customer is checked in, you will be presented with the note that was added to the appointment. This note will specify that this was a Reach appointment and provide the incentivized pricing and payment information needed for checkout.

Check-out Screen
On the check-out screen, you will double-click on the Discount Type field in the line item for the service that was incentivized by Reach (see the yellow field in the PDF).

Reach Discount Type
Next, you will select Reach in the Select a Discount window

Percent Discount
Then you will enter the percentage that was referenced on the Appointment Note in the Discount field on the line item for the incentivized service.

Final Price
The incentive will be calculated and the Ext Price will be updated

Add Gratuity (if applicable)
If the customer is leaving a tip, you can add it in at this time.

Select Payment Type
Next, you will select the form of payment the customer is using to close out their appointment.

Select Payment Amount
Then enter the total amount of their service appointment. There could be other items added to the ticket that will increase the total over the originally scheduled appointment amount.

Process Ticket
After the above steps are completed, you will process the ticket as normal.