REACH™ Without Pre-payment Overview

REACH gets better every day because of our clients' feedback and suggestions. So, we are excited to announce that after February 1st, 2021, online booking payments will not be processed via the REACH platform!

This means your guests will have a better, more simplified booking experience. Plus, payments can now be taken via credit card, gift card, or cash at the time of the service.

Ultimately, guests want more convenience and cost savings and salon owners need more free time and ways to generate revenue. REACH uses best-in-class technology to deliver all the above by contacting your unbooked guests at the right time to automatically fill empty appointments without any additional effort from your staff.

Without payment processing, your REACH booking platform can be even more laser focused on filling your book without the distraction or complication of managing payment processing.

Why will REACH be removing its prepayment functionality?

    • We’ve listened to your feedback.
      We’ve realized that there are multiple obstacles when using Stripe as the payment method. By removing payments from REACH, we are able to onboard businesses faster and provide a simpler checkout process for your guests. Our expertise is using data intelligence to fill your last-minute appointments and now, with this update, that’s where we can focus all of our resources.
  • We did our research and know this generates more revenue.
    We’ve surveyed thousands of customers, partners, and industry peers on the issue of We take on their administrative work so that they focus on their clients and/or honing their craft. The overwhelming response has been that REACH is best-in-class at real-time scanning and auto-matching openings with the right client at the right time to keep you busy in the salon.
  • REACH is not a cash register.
    We don’t want our time taken away from generating revenue for our customers. By eliminating the set up and having to chase down third-party payment glitches and common payment issues, we are freeing up considerable resources for you. How the payment itself is processed is not a factor that will adversely impact our ability to fulfill your monthly guarantee. 
  • We will always be able to fulfill our guarantee.
    By remaining laser-focused on the constant refinement of our best-in-class Machine Learning algorithms, we will always be able to fulfill our guarantee. We promise to continue to prioritize finding opportunities to generate revenue for YOUR SALON or SPA for as long as you remain a REACH customer.

How does the update impact my front desk staff and our guests?

  • Payment is no longer required to book.
    Guests no longer have to pay upfront at the time of online booking, eliminating unnecessary frustration for your guests and staff. In-person payment via gift card, credit card, or cash is also now possible.

Now that REACH is no longer taking payments, will this result in more cancels and no shows?

  • No. In fact, we anticipate an increase in bookings.
    Did you know that 94% of REACH bookings show up for their last-minute appointment! Show and cancel rates will NOT be affected whether you use an incentive or not. 

How will the update impact our guests’ online booking experience?

  • Guests will enjoy a simpler booking experience.
    It will take fewer clicks to book in a faster checkout process. Your guests will enjoy a cleaner curated experience without having to sign in to multiple platforms.  

Will the switch affect my use of incentives within the platform?

  • As you know, REACH uses state-of-the-art data intelligence to drive business to you that would otherwise be lost by filling appointments that are showing as empty over your next seven days. Your guest show rates for appointments will remain the same, or increase, while incentives are used sparingly and our guarantee will back that up. 

Will REACH help us train our guests on the new booking method? 

  • The new experience will be very intuitive. There will be minimal training necessary for guests, if any. The expectation for in-person payment will be clearly labeled at every stage of the booking experience.

How will REACH determine which of my bookings count toward my monthly guarantee amount?

  • The monthly tally has always been taken from the receipt level tracked within your POS and will continue to do so in light of this change in payment. 

When will the update go into effect?

  • Monday, February 1st, 2021.