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Getting started with My Business

Click on the My Business icon on the blue bar on the left side of the page.

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Location Info

Please make sure that all fields are completed and accurate. This info is customer-facing and your booking/cancellation policy will be shared with your end-users. Do not worry about saving the info, once you have entered the data it will automatically save, and your Google Maps link will be auto-generated and added to this page. The phone number that you see here will be used for communication purposes so be sure it is a number that you want your customers to call. The email address shown here is what we have on file for the business, if this is not correct please contact Customer Success to have it changed.

My Providers

This section will allow you to review your providers that have been pulled into the platform from your Scheduling Software. You can click on the "Details" button to upload a photo of your provider that will appear on booking emails and booking pages for that provider.

My Plan

This section will display the subscription plan that you are on with Octopi, it cannot be edited but it will be there should you want to know the details of your subscription plan and see your Billing History. You will also see your current card on file for paying your monthly fee. There is a link under your card number should you need to switch to a different card:

My Brand

Here is where you can upload your company logo and avatar. This logo will be automatically added to communication emails. You can also add a business avatar if you choose. There is a default avatar in place but your own personal avatar brings a new level of fun and personalization to your Reach emails.