Reach Booking Widget HTML Code

If a Website Administrator you are working with is unable to access the HTML code from within the widget zip file attached to their account, here is how you can pull the source code.

1) Save the zip file to your computer, it will look like this:

2) Open the file and you will see a Chrome HTML Document:


3) Click to open that HTML Document and a browser window will open to a blank screen with the merchant's widget in the bottom left corner.

4) Right-click on the blank space and select View Page Source:

5) The screen that opens is the source code you should copy and paste to send to the Web Admin. It will look like this:

6) Recommendation is to copy/paste the entire string of code from where the first line starts with either <!DOCTYPE html> or <!--PLACE BEFORE CLOSING to the very end with <!----> or </html>. Either paste that into an email or into a Word document and then send to the Web Admin for installation.